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Product Overview

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)
Licensed physicians and chiropractors will review medical records, perform a detailed physical examination, and answer you specific questions. Please contact IME Inc. at (866) 584-9810 for pricing estimates based on file size and complexity. We facilitate exams throughout the United States. General fees include the examiner’s review of up to an inch of records, and a total time of two hours for the record review, exam, and report dictation.

Chart/Records Reviews

Medical doctor or chiropractor will review the medical records and answer your specific questions.
Approximate cost:

  • Chiropractic Review - $350.00/hr
  • M.D. Review - $450.00/hr

(Price varies according to the specific physician/specialty requested, complexity of case and size of medical file)

Colorado DOWC Rule 16 Determinations
Medical Record review to assist the W/C claims professional with treatment requests pursuant to Colorado DOWC
Rule 16. Quick report turnaround compliant with Rule 16 guidelines.

Bill Review - 3rd Party-UM-UIM
Medical Records and bills reviewed by a physician to help determine what an appropriate reimbursement would have been for hospital, surgical and physician care. This is currently a limited service so please contact us to discuss your particular need.

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