Services Overview

IME, Inc. facilitates access to licensed medical experts that are generally board certified, active practice physicians with hospital affiliations and have specialized training to perform IMEs in accordance with state-specific regulations for automotive, disability, liability and workers’ compensation claims and federal and state insurance programs. 

The team at IME, Inc. is dedicated to the facilitation of expertly coordinating and scheduling evaluations that are unequivocally performed objectively, based on medical evidence.  We offer a wide range of solutions to meet clients’ specific needs, regardless of the size and the geographic coverage.

Clients are guaranteed to benefit from our streamlined and efficient workflow process. Our service professionals are available to assist in identifying the medical expert best trained to handle each specific IME service and actively manage each case using proprietary IME software throughout the entire process.

Services Include:

  • Examination scheduling
  • Medical record retrieval and processing
  • File copying
  • Appointment notification and confirmation reminders
  • Scheduling confirmation letters sent to all relevant parties
  • Coordination of expert testimony
  • Extensive network of credentialed physicians and traveling physicians
  • Timely reports
  • Continuing educational seminars